Read what some of my clients have to say about working with me:

"Amelia has been an incredibly supportive, caring and motivating coach. She has a vibrant energy and is overflowing with unique ideas on how to approach an issue. Amelia is an amazing listener and gives thoughtful and profound feedback. She sometimes draws from her personal experiences and is also knowledgeable in a wide range of skills and subject areas. She helps me identify my strengths and harness them to reach my full potential."


"The judgement free environment Amelia created was essential to my progress because it allowed me to be fully honest about things I felt shame around. By examining those topics with her support I was able to address issues I had not been comfortable discussing anywhere else.

The best part of the process was how it helped me narrow down and realize my purpose- what I want to do with the rest of my life. I feel very blessed to have figured that out and made so much progress in the direction of my dreams in a short time.

Before working with her I had total insecurity about doing what I knew in my heart I truly wanted to do. Being able to see myself take actions I feel proud of and walk a path that feels right for me has really improved my self worth. It has been a total overhaul of being.

I would absolutely recommend working with Amelia to others because as a neurodivergent person she understands the nature of your struggles. She is so empathetic and gentle about guiding you towards reaching your own personal successes and conquering those feelings of inadequacy to help you shine and be the person that deep down you want to be, because you are that person.

She helps you live your best life in the most caring way."


"I sought Amelia's coaching to help me with personal creative endeavors. I shared my wants, fears, and current experiences, and through reflective questioning and small exercises, Amelia helped me further formalize my feelings and extrapolate concrete, achievable goals that went hand-in-hand with my current situation.

Amelia's openness, adaptability, and flexibility make her a very approachable coach. She has pointed me towards various resources, all different in their approaches, to help me find what works for me in my given moment.

Most of all, she is very focused on the You that makes you You, and the personal attention she grants that You is focused, enthusiastic, and warm. If you are looking to nurture a part of yourself that needs growth, Amelia is a coach you greatly deserve."


"The process of adjusting to a new job as a person on the Autism spectrum presented a particular type of social and emotional challenges to me and was what brought me to seek coaching.

Amelia helped me to understand the use of metaphor for healing myself by using imagery and emotional release processes that I now regularly use on my own to navigate challenging emotions and respond gently and effectively to my negative self-talk so that I can move through situations of social or sensory overwhelm without shutting down.

It was really worthwhile to meet with her and it was easy for me to expand the knowledge from what we covered in coaching into other areas which has had a profound impact on my life.

She works to help transform issues on a deep level, but not in a way that feels intrusive. In fact, the process feels light, beautiful, and easy."